Adopting online collaboration tools

Collaboration tools adoption can transform the way teams work. With the widespread adoption of mobile devices and the continual slide of data costs, collaboration tools are definitely a plus for teams, especially remote ones. Some benefits below.

Easy to keep track. Gone are the days of versioning because a spreadsheet is being shared and updated among five odd different people on email. Editing can be done in real time meaning everyone has a current version of the document. This can even be done together.

Remove the need for email. Because everything is being done in real time, who needs email?

Teams can be anywhere. Collaboration software reduces or eliminates, to an extent, the need for physical meetings. With a good internet connection who needs to physically meet?

Speed. Work can be completed quickly even if certain members of the team are not physically present. Team members can review and edit documentation at their own convenience ensuring work is completed quickly.

Central repository. Documents can be stored in a central place. No need to send emails or save copies on a thumb drive. It also means that reports can be extracted very easily.