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Project4 Digital Design is excited to have been selected to participate in the Création Africa mentorship programme

Blog collaboration with Zidza Katenga of Meekono for their clients who are African women handicraft entrepreneurs.

Some non-profits request pro bono work from website designers. While it may be for a good cause, extra caution is needed.

A corporate blog can go a long way in helping you grow your business. A blog can be used for all your serious and fun content.

Online productivity and collaboration training for participants of the FemBioBiz Acceleration programme in Malawi.

Your staff are a valuable resource when it comes to developing content for your website. They constantly interact with different stakeholders throughout the day.

When engaging a designer, clients will usually first ask about the price of the project. But there are better and more important questions to ask first.

With a fairly decent smartphone and camera, savvy youth can use their social media skills and photography hobby to make money.

So, a 21-day lock-down was announced for Malawi last night. Work from home is now inevitable for many workers. Do […]

Last week I looked at how teams can avoid death by meetings. I also waxed lyrical about Asana and how […]

Let’s talk about meetings (if you’re Malawian, you know). I have a slight dislike for meetings, some of them. Well, […]

A British Council roundtable looking at tech and social entrepreneurship in Malawi and the role of digital in the enterprise economy.

Most people are now browsing the web via their mobile phones. A look at your analytics data will clearly show […]

Training sessions for Catholic pastoral secretaries, communication secretaries and priests whose work is directly linked to social communications.

If you are on the market for a website, it is best you know what you are looking for. You […]

mHub hosts Lilongwe Sparks, the first-ever city spark for Sahara Sparks, East Africa's most significant Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship event.