Website Design

The benefits of having a well-designed website

  • You improve your business image and visibility giving you a competitive advantage over other industry players
  • Gives you a platform to build an email list
  • Ability to access new markets and customers by extending your local reach
  • You instantly provide your audience with up-to-date information
  • You educate customers about your offering, carry out sales and provide training
  • You attract new employees and partners
  • Websites allow you to have two-way communication with customers and stakeholders enabling you to deliver excellent customer service

Domain registration and website hosting

Every reputable website uses its own unique domain name i.e. as well as some form of paid hosting. There are many website hosting providers, most of whom also do domain registration*. Project4 doesn’t provide domain registration or website hosting. We can however recommend good hosting services that we have used.

Hosting platforms usually have different packages which differ in features and price. The choice of package will depend on a number of things including

  • How big your website is or how quickly content will be added to it
  • What sort of functionality your website will have
  • Whether you need to set up email addresses or not
  • Whether you will pay monthly or yearly subscription
  • The type of support that you will require

* If you have a corporate internet connection at your organisation with a local ISP, it is best to find out if it includes free website hosting and/or domain registration.

Cost of website design

What determines the cost?

Every project and every client is unique! So is the cost.

The cost of a website project will vary depending on how much of an investment you are willing to make. The more you spend, the more likely you will have a good end product. Being clear on what you want and communicating this to the website designer is also likely to get you a product that will meet your objectives. It doesn’t help you to leave important details to the imagination of the designer.

The size and scope of an organisation, the availability of content (text, visuals, etc), licensing of photography, the complexity of features requested, training of your marketing staff, etc all make it difficult to have standardised pricing. It is therefore essential to have a comprehensive customer brief of your project before a quote can be provided.

The customer brief

Responding to the questions below helps determine the client’s expectations, what it will take to achieve and ultimately the cost of design.

  • Your name and nature of business.
  • Your current website address, if you have one. (Are there any particular complaints about your current website? Is there anything that works particularly well? Is there anything that doesn’t work at all?)
  • Is there a specific (competitor) website you like that I should look at for benchmarking purposes? What specifically do you like about that website?
  • What is the primary objective of your website audience? What are they looking for when they visit your site (check your price list, purchase a service or product, view a product video, download information, make online enquiries, signup for a service, etc)?
  • Please provide a layout of the desired website content indicating the sections/pages of the website i.e. About Us, Management, How to, Pricelist, Contact, Terms & Conditions, Enquiry form, etc. [A sketch works best]
  • What services do you require:
    – Website design only?
    – Copywriting?
    – Photography?
    – Brand Identity design?
  • Expected delivery date. Should it coincide with any particular event/ launch/ milestone?
  • Your budget. Why is it good to know your budget? I’ll determine pretty quickly what you can get for what you are willing to spend. This means I propose the appropriate solution and stay away from solutions that are outside of your budget!

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