workshops & consulting.

We have delivered workshops and training sessions to a cross-section of audiences in Malawi on topics ranging from digital skills for entrepreneurs and online safety to online marketing and digital branding.

We have conducted group and one-on-one consultations and corporate training that have helped build the capacity of individuals and teams on digital best practices, working collaboratively, packaging online content and managing digital marketing platforms.

For our website development clients who lack the skills to manage their websites, we train their staff on how to package content, update their websites and measure their engagement efforts.

Fembiobiz acceleration in malawi training digital skills

Online productivity and collaboration training for participants of the FemBioBiz Acceleration programme in Malawi.

Austin Madinga at the Malawi International Tourism Expo Takulandirani

Malawi tourism operators need to wake up to the reality that properties and destinations wordwide are using the internet to reach customers. If they haven't already, now is the time to go online.

Austin Madinga at Nation Publication's Tech Day

In a rush to break news, newsrooms sometimes only tell a fraction of the story. Online tools can help journalists provide so much more context.

Storytelling as agents of evangelisation

Training sessions for Catholic pastoral secretaries, communication secretaries and priests whose work is directly linked to social communications.

Austin Madinga conducting training at Unicef Social Media workshop

Austin Madinga co-facilitated a practical blogging session at a UNICEF Malawi Social Media Workshop with social media specialist Sandra Thier, Co-founder & Managing Director of diego5 studios.

Austin Madinga

Are you considering taking your personal brand online? Make sure you have considered these important factors before you take the first step.

Austin training

Digital skills for entrepreneurs training for twenty semi-finalists selected for the What Will You Do With 20 Million Kwacha Challenge!