A deeper look at Asana

Asana setup

Last week I looked at how teams can avoid death by meetings. I also waxed lyrical about Asana and how they help with team productivity. But Asana can be beneficial for both teams and individuals. See the two images below.

Asana setup
The first picture shows a basic Asana structure of how teams, projects and tasks are organised in the app – Organisation → Team → Project → Tasks.

Look at the second picture now.

Asana setup

For an individual like a Blogger (or content manager, social influencer, etc), they can use Asana to manage their work/workflow.
Example: A blogger has a number of ‘projects’ → repetitive Blog Posts (periodically creating new stories and articles) – and finite projects that will either die once completed (New Blog Design) or will become part of the repetitive Blog Posts tasks (periodic E-newsletter and Podcasting). Each of these projects have tasks and subtasks.

Under Blog Posts, a blogger can create a subtask for each task. For example to write a blog post titled ‘Best Hotels in Lilongwe’, s/he can create subtasks like ‘Get hotel photos’ or ‘interview hotel manager’. Once an interview has been booked with the hotel manager, a task due date is set that then syncs with Google Calendar.

Under New Blog Design, task ‘Write new About Me section’ could have subtasks ‘get new profile photo’ or ‘ask for professional recommendations’. Both the new photo and recommendations can be attached in Asana as an image and doc respectively.

Under E-Newsletter – if a blogger wants to create a task each time there is a new subscriber or an unsubscribe in Mailchimp (email marketing software), apps like Zapier can create a task in Asana based on that Mailchimp action.

See, it’s not all about teams and having better meetings. You can take control of your personal workflow too!

How Asana Uses Asana

How Asana uses Asana
“I love using Asana when planning international travel and group trips. It helps me keep track of everything…”

Take a look here to see how other individuals make use of Asana for non-routine personal tasks like organising events, tracking personal fitness and planning a house move.

Have yourselves a wonderful week!