Optimising your website for mobile

Optimise for mobile

Most people are now browsing the web via their mobile phones. A look at your analytics data will clearly show that. We have these devices on us all the time. If you have not optimised your website yet, you may have a long list of frustrated site visitors.

So what should you pay attention to when developing or optimising your site for mobile?

Usability: How easy is it to navigate your website from a mobile device? Is text spilling over requiring your users to not only scroll vertically but also horizontally?

Filling out Forms: Ensure that your forms are easy to fill out. Eliminate any fields that are difficult to fill in from a small screen size.

Search: How easy is it to find content on your website? If you have a big website, is it easy to locate the search button? How easy is it to read the search results?

Complete Tasks: Websites have become more complex with time. How easy is it to complete these tasks from a mobile device like booking an appointment or logging on to a membership area?

Last but probably most important

Your Homepage: There are some websites that have rather detailed homepages – slideshows, auto-play video, social media elements. You get the gist. Do these features make it easy for mobile users to browse your homepage? Are the features really necessary? Can they be eliminated to aid mobile access?