Takulandirani – Malawi International Tourism Expo

Takulandirani is an International Tourism Expo held annually in Malawi.

Tourism property access for digital platforms

Takulandirani is Malawi’s International Tourism Expo for regional and local buyers, media and tourism enterprises, operators & stakeholders. The expo holds workshops for tourism SMEs on various topics.

At the 2019 expo, Austin Madinga presented on Property Access to Digital Platforms. His presentation covered the rise of user-generated content and how properties and other tourism players can use this to reach out to new visitors. Austin also looked at a number of online platforms, social and owned, and how properties can use these to promote their brands, properties and destinations.

Austin Madinga at the Malawi International Tourism Expo Takulandirani
Malawi TOurism Takulandirani 2019 Workshop Presenter