Tilitonse Foundation

Tilitonse Foundation is an organisation that aims to build the capacity of civil society organisations and community-based organizations in good governance.

Project4 has had a long relationship with Tilitonse since the time it was Tilitonse Fund.

At the time Tilitonse’s role changed, we were asked to update the identity. Since then we have provided web design, editorial design, web support and content management services to the organisation.

Tilitonse Foundation
Tilitonse Foundation 2020-2021 Annual Report design
Tilitonse Foundation 2020-2021 Annual Report design

The Tilitonse Foundation 2020 – 2021 Annual Report design. 

Tilitonse Foundation 2019-2020 Annual Report design

The Tilitonse Foundation 2019 – 2020 Annual Report design. 

Tilitonse Foundation Community Governance Action Newsletter

The Tilitonse Foundation’s quarterly Community Governance Action newsletter. 

Tilitonse Foundation website

The Tilitonse Foundation website – www.tilitonsefoundation.org

Tilitonse Foundation has been engaging Austin Madinga under Project 4 since 2018. Prior to that, Austin has also provided services to the now defunct Tilitonse Programme that run from 2011 to 2017. In this period, Austin has proven to be reliable and professional. He has supported the Tilitonse Foundation to design and develop the Foundation’s website, and after that, he has also supported its management. He has supported the Foundation to manage its social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter accounts. Austin under Project 4 has also supported the Foundation in the design of its quarterly e-newsletter.

In all these tasks, he has delivered with professionalism, used his expertise well by engaging the Foundation and imparting knowledge on website and social media platform management. Austin is an open and forthcoming professional who is willing to work beyond limits to achieve a goal. I would recommend him and his services to any other institution because he does not disappoint and he delivers high-quality work.

Tilitonse Foundation Facebook page

Project4 manages content of both the Tilitonse Foundation website as well as it’s social media platforms.

Tilitonse Foundation car branding
Tilitonse Foundation car branding