A corporate blog matters when growing your business

Having a corporate blog is an essential digital platform for building your brand communications

A corporate blog can help you grow your business!

Your corporate website is most likely focused on pushing out sales and promoting your products and services! After all, this may be the first thing you may want your customers to see. But this leaves little room for customers to know more about the other side of your business – its people and culture. This can hamper the growth of your business.


Showing the other side of you

You can choose to have meaningful engagements with your customers by having a corporate blog. A corporate blog is also important in letting prospective employees know what your business is all about. Customer comments allow you to engage with your customers. The blog can also relieve your sales personnel from responding to the same questions over and over again.

How can a corporate blog help your business grow?

  1. Your corporate blog allows your staff to answer frequently asked questions. These questions can be addressed through an article or more comprehensively through a video or podcast.
  2. You can showcase the fun and creative side of your business. You can show how your products are made and how your services are delivered. You can show your corporate culture. This can help you attract top talent.
  3. A corporate blog gives you ownership of your content, something a social platform can’t always guarantee. Social platforms can close and you could lose all the hard work you put into uploading your content. If you can retrieve your content, it is most likely not in a very useful format.

Need help building your blog?

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